The dynamic Sport duo of Kassim Ismaily and George Ouma have launched a campaign to motivate people to take the Covid-19 vaccine before traveling home to their loved ones. 

Their company Green sports Africa has partnered the Mastercard foundation in a campaign dubbed “Take The Shot” using sports as a tool for social change.

“It is up to us to take care of our loved ones and ensure we are not the cause of harm to their lives. It’s up to us to keep the environment safe and the only way to do that is by getting vaccinated,” said Kassim on Instagram.

Africa is home to the most immunal-comprised population in the world with 6 in 7 Covid-19 infections going undetected. With the Omicron variant spreading quickly, the government has threatened to limit services to the unvaccinated, sparking a great outcry.

However Kassim who is the Director Green Sports Africa holds that we don’t need government threats or experts to save our own life, because it’s up to us to do the research to distinguish facts from fiction. He said:

“We lost so many of our loved ones during the pandemic, making last year’s Christmas very dull. This year a little hope has been restored and it is important to keep each other safe in the holiday season.”


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