Police have launched investigations after a man lost his life under mysterious circumstances at a night club in Ruaka estate on the outskirts of Nairobi on Sunday, September 26.

The body of a man identified as Brian Macharia was found laying six floors from where he was last spotted alive. Macharia was allegedly thrown six stories down from the popular night club.

Witnesses pointed fingers at the club’s security guards, popularly known as bouncers, whom they claim have a hand in the victim’s death.

CCTV footage shared on social media shows the security guards manhandling the victim and bundling him into the club’s storage room.

Macharia can be seen being beaten up by a bouncer at Wingu Bistro club and he is later backed by his colleagues in the beating and lock him up in the club’s store.

In the footage, Macharia is seen arguing with the bouncer after he reportedly broke a glass mug and he is later dragged off the club on 6th floor as his pleas and that of other revelers are ignored.

His family now claims their relative was thrown off the building and are demanding justice for his demise as it remains unclear what really warranted the merciless beating and death.

A few hours later Macharia’s lifeless body was found on ground floor of the building with a number of fractures, bleeding and his shirt badly torn following the incident.

“He had a lot of injuries, that is around the waist, his arm was broken maybe twice or thrice, broken legs. But according to people who saw whatever happened, they said that Brian dropped dead,” said Martin King’ori, a close relative of Macharia.

“Brian was a young man. He just got married recently and had not been blessed to get a child yet. So, it’s a young life lost,” added Richard Wachira, his father-in-law.

Police have arrested the club owner alongside the bouncer and a staff member over the death, as the club was ordered shut over the incident that happened past curfew hours.

The club’s licence has also been revoked even as post-mortem report shows that Macharia died of multiple organ injuries.


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