City Lawyer Karen Nyamu alleges that popular Mugithi singer Samwel Muchoki, commonly known as Samidoh, assaulted her physically over cheating allegations.

In a live video session she held on her Instagram page, Nyamu said Samidoh went to her house and began punching her saying she has been having a romantic affair with men in Mombasa.

Nyamu, however, defended herself saying she was on work-related duties.

She demonstrated various parts of her face where she claimed Sammidoh punched her and told her that he would kill her and go to prison.

“He has come to my house and beat me so badly saying he is going to kill me and go to Kamiti. Look at what he has done to me, this is a punch here. Amenipiga ngumi akiniambia mimi ni malaya nashindaga nawanaume. I am not going to accept this,” she said.

The lawyer also revealed that she is three months pregnant.

Nyamu also added that Samidoh destroyed her phone over accusations that she is using the phone to chat with men.

“See what he has done to my phone, amechapisha simu yangu chini sijui mara ngapi akiniambia hii ndo simu nachat nayo na wanaume. Hii utanunua; iPhone 12 pro max. You must buy another phone. I am going to report this case tomorrow (today). I am going to take a p3 form,” she said.

Samidoh is yet to respond to the allegations on his social media handles.


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