Kenyan artistes Krispah, Khaligraph Jones and Boutross have suffered a major setback after their song ‘Ndovu Ni Kuu’ was removed from YouTube.

The song which had garnered over 3 million views had become a favorite among Kenyan listeners due to its pumping beats and catchy lyrics. But it seems those catchy lyrics may be to blame from the erasure.

An upcoming artist, Dexta Briyanka has claimed that Krispah and kaligraph sampled the beats from one of his songs leading to copyright infringement.

Krispah, Khaligraph Jones and Boutross

Not only have his copyrights been “violated”, but Briyanka also claims that the song is promoting uninterest in learning at the Kenyatta University. This comes about from the lyrics Krispah churns out in the first stanza of the song: “Mtoto wangu akiitwa K.U. ntakataa, Hakunaga masomo K.U. nmekataa”.

The saga seems to be even more complicated as Krispah has tried to shed some light on the situation. On an Instagram post, he explains that a representative of the Kenyatta University reached out to him asking him to perform at the upcoming school’s graduation in order to mitigate the effects the song was having on the students’ intake.

Krispah agreed to do so but when he quoted his terms, conditions and price, the school’s representative turned on him and that’s when the song was mysteriously pulled down from YouTube.

In June Mejja too suffered a setback after his song Tabia Za Wakenya was pulled down from YouTube. Nobody knows if this is a “haters” situation or if music copyrights are really being infringed.


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