A man who defiled her daughter three years ago has been jailed for life imprisonment.

The man identified in court papers as Anazet Amukambwa Makokha committed the offence on May 6, 2019 at Nairobi’s Kibera slum when his daughter was aged 6.

Resident Magistrate Zainab Abdul while sentencing the accused on Friday said the offence was serious and deserves a harsh sentence. He defiled the girl when her mother was away.

“In order to deter other men from committing a similar offence, the accused should remain in prison for life,” she said.

“The offense committed is very serious. A father is a daughter’s number one shield and protector. That was not the case here,” said Magistrate.

She said it is sad that the accused turned out to be his daughter’s assailant and committed a beastly act which left the daughter extremely traumatized.

“In order to deter other men to commit similar offense the accused should remain in prison for life,”  she proclaimed.


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