When netizens love, they love, and they seem to love Sim Sim!

Acey Gracey’s new single Sim Sim has smashed right into the hearts of listeners and the single has created a buzz that has listeners pushing for the hit to…well hit a million views sooner rather than later.

Described as one of the most underrated musicians in Kenya, Acey has hit a cord with the audience that has left them mesmerized with her silky voice.

It could be the subject matter or the intriguing concept for her video not to mention the fact that she’s got the looks to accompany the voice, whatever the case, Acey Gracey’s delivery of the touching song has left audiences vowing they will not let her alone.

Whether viewed literally or metaphorically, the subject of hunger seems to reverberate with an audience that was ready for something other than the usual and Ms Gracey did not disappoint; soulfully guiding her listeners through dishes audiences can associate with day to day struggles and accompanied by a visual buffet of the artiste that leaves the viewer craving more.

Acey who has done her time on the underground scene doing covers and is an experienced live performer seems ready for a larger bite of the music scene and given the mounting views, the audience seems ready to oblige.


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