Former Governor Mike Sonko has turned the tables on the woman who sought police protection over the former city boss’ threats.

Merry Nkatha went to Karen police station to seek protection saying she fears for her life. She said she fears Sonko or his agents may harm her for refusing to cooperate with him.

She claimed Sonko has been seeking to have her as his witness in two cases against Governor Anne Kananu and Justice Saidi Chitembwe among others.

But on Tuesday, Sonko claimed that it was Nkatha that had been furnishing him with information for the past 10 months.

“What she doesn’t know is we have been getting this information from her for the last 10months. At the moment, I do not wish to involve her any further in regards to providing information that is linked to any and all of these cases that have been floated by virtue of audio and video evidence,” he said.

In a long Facebook post, Sonko said he has 149 clips (both audio and video) that capture their frequent and informative conversations since January 2021.

Sonko claimed that the conversations included Sh315m paid to his former lawyer to manipulate the impeachment case, backstab, and consequently facilitate the other judges on the case to sway the ruling on the same, as well as her explicit narrations on the manipulation of sexual favours as a medium of negotiation and coercion to sway the way of justice.

“These and other bits of information in the said series of audio and video telecon with her have been rendered accurate without reasonable doubt,” he said.

“Therefore, it is my obligation to the people of Kenya to highlight the truth and so shall be done heretofore.”

Sonko further released a video accusing Nkatha of coercing him into sexual favours.

“Based on the following proof in a recent video call with her, it is evident that her claims are null and void,” he said.

When she recorded her statement on Monday, Nkatha alleged she was blocked and kidnapped on Saturday in Karen by people she knows who made a call to Sonko and responded to ready-made questions.

Sonko then recorded her. She was given a chocolate to eat which was “meant to make me relax”.

The recording has gone viral on social media. Sonko released the audio through his social media accounts in which Nkatha is heard responding to questions and implicating Kananu and other individuals.

Sonko refused to comment on the claims Monday. According to Nkatha, she has known Sonko for almost two years.

She said she is a former banker and currently she is a strategist.

Langata police boss Benjamin Mwanthi said they are investigating the claims of kidnapping and that the complainant will get state protection.

Sonko is releasing a series of audio and videos in which he is implicating judges of the high court.

He has lodged a complaint at the Judicial Service Commission on the judges.

Earlier, Sonko’s ex-lawyers obtained orders barring him from further publishing any exposé against them pending a hearing of their case.

Lawyers Cecil Miller and George Kithi on Tuesday got orders restraining Sonko from publishing anything relating to them in his ongoing expose.

The court has also barred Justice Said Chitembwe’s alleged brother Amana Said Jirani from publishing anything on the two lawyers.

Jirani has been listed as the second defendant alongside Sonko.


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