A top mental health expert has cautioned the public against trolling celebrities when they are going through a tough time.

In a post reacting to the destructive habit that Kenyans have, Kezia Wanjau Head Psychologist at the Limuru Cottage hospital has called on the public to be more sensitive when dealing with celebrities.

Just a few weeks ago Gospel super couple Dj Moz and Size 8 shocked the world when they announced that they had a miscarriage after a highly publicized pregnancy.

On the very same day internet sensation Wangari Nguri aka Auntie Jemimah also lost her baby at 34 weeks, and the internet was awash with netizen’s reactions.

“Celebrities are people just like you and me so when they are going through a tough time lets treat them the same way we would treat our family and friends. Even though they signed up for the public life and all it comes with, but  that’s no excuse to be insensitive,” Kezia explained.   

Kezia Wanjau Head of Counseling and Psycology at Limuru Cottage Hospital

The Psychologist took issue with some of the comments that the public made during the Size 8 issue because they are damaging to the person going through grief. She also sounded the alarm on the negative effectives that celebrity culture has on modern day relationships.

“Celebrity couples put pressure on their fans to have perfect relationships which doesn’t always end up well. On the other hand the fans meddle in the affairs of the celebrity couple increasing conflict among them.”

This among other modern pressures are the reasons that divorce is on the rise, She advised couples to consider therapy as a way to deal with all this challenges that relationships are under.


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