Kenyans are now calling on the government to compel public transport operators to lower fares following the reduction of fuel prices.

Fuel costs have been going down globally since the declaration of COVID-19, with Thursday’s seen as the major reduction.

Diesel per litre went down by Sh19.19 with Super Petrol reducing by Sh9.54 until mid-June.

Kenyans interviewed in Nairobi on Friday said they will only feel the impact of the fuel reduction if the transport sector slashes fare prices.

Others said most businesses which rely on fuel are also yet to reduce commodity prices.

“I will feel the impact of the new prices if matatus reduce the fare. Fares were hiked and even today I paid Sh150. I would want the government to look into that,” Waweru said. 

Waweru said he has been paying Sh150 to and from Kangundo.

And for James Wambua, the move to reduce fuel prices is welcome but the people on the ground should feel its impact.

Vincent Kariuki and Andrew Wekesa, both Taxi drivers in the Central Business District, said the reduction of the prices is welcome but will only make sense once business resumes.

Kenya is implementing dusk to dawn curfew for the past two months, with the deadline set for Saturday when Kenyans are expecting President Uhuru Kenyatta to issue an update.

“The prices are good and we appreciate but they are not helping much because there is no business now. Our plea is that we can go back to normal and resume business because life is really hard now,” Wekesa said.


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