Media personality and YouTube sensation Anita Nderu is speaking out against discrimination.

She took to social media on Thursday to address the treatment of LGBTQ+ persons, “I hope my kids never have to go through what I have gone through for being LGBTQ+” She tweeted.

Anita has never publicly come out but she has previously stated that she’s an LGBTQI+ advocate. This is when she sparked online buzz for featuring two young openly gay men on her YouTube show, “The Overdressed Cook.”

Some accused her of using the two men to drive ratings as a clip of the cooking show made headlines but she defended her decision saying she was not malicious in her intentions.

The latest tweet has sparked hate-filled tweets with some saying lesbian couples shouldn’t have kids while others, while others attacking her on the basis of religion.

Nderu had her friends, who are members of the LGBTQ community had appeared as guests on her show in celebration of Pride Month.

On sharing the teaser on her Instagram page, Nderu warned that the content would be 18+ and that the episode took a tangent.

“I am very pro LGBTQ and this episode has so many WHAT! moments,” she captioned the teaser. “We were so extra!”

Nderu later spoke up, addressing the content that brought out the wrath of KOT.

“I have been told I have to address why I am being fried on Twitter.

“I am pro freedom of expression! Most of you chose to throw me under the bus because of being pro LGBTQ. I remain unapologetic.”

She went on to say that her show is unscripted and that she encourages her guests to be themselves.

Nderu called on netizens to live their lives to the fullest especially now when the pandemic has changed life as we knew it.

“In the past few months the whole world has been shaken to the core. Each one of us in one way or another has been adversely affected by this pandemic.” she wrote. “There’s been no better time to celebrate and live to the fullest. Each one of us owes it to ourselves to live, laugh and love authentically.”

Early this year Anita and her boyfriend Sun Mann celebrated 12 years of being together, “Happy 30th birthday honey bun A.K.A Meme master! Welcome to the 3rd floor! May you be blessed with many more decades!


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