A Mexican woman in Cajeme, Sonora stabbed her husband after she found snaps of him having sex with another woman on his phone.

The pictures later turned out to be her own when she was dating her husband a few years ago.

Police responded last week to reports of a domestic dispute at the couple’s home where they found a man, identified as Juan N., covered in several stab wounds.

Juan had been stabbed by his wife Leonora A., who reportedly found explicit photos on his phone showing him have sex with whom she thought was another woman.

When Leonora discovered the photos, she was enraged. So without asking her husband for an explanation, she ballistically attacked him, using a kitchen knife to stab him in the arm and a leg.

Juan ultimately managed to wrestle the knife from Leonora’s hands and asked her what set her off.

Leonora then informed Juan that she had found pictures of him having sex with another woman. But Juan explained to her that the pictures were actually of them from back they when they were dating.

Leonore allegedly failed to recognize her old self because she was much thinner, and had makeup on back then.

Juan is recovering in the hospital. He has informed the investigators in charge that he had found the old pictures when in an old email.

He since retrieved them and saved them on his phone. Leonora has since been arrested and she is currently in police custody. Charges have been pressed against her and she will be tried soon.


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