The 2021 Kenya Cup gets underway on February 27, according to a revised calendar released on Tuesday.

However, the kick off will be preceded by the promotion battle that starts with the play-off on February 6 followed by the semi-finals on February 13.

University of Nairobi’s Mean Machine take on Egerton Wasps, while Northern Suburbs are up against United States International University in the playoff. The winners getting to meet Masinde Muliro University (Mmust) and Strathmore University Leos respectively in the semis.

The semi-final winners will earn promotion to the 2021 Kenya Cup season.

The Leos topped the KRU Championship unbeaten with 76 points followed by Masinde Muliro University with 67 points to secure the automatic semi-final slots. 

With no winners having been declared for the 2019/ 2020 season, the seeding for 2021 Kenya Cup has been done based on how the teams finished during the regular 2019/2020 season.

The regular 2019/2020 season had ended and teams were preparing for the play-offs before Covid-19 pandemic outbreak halted everything in March this year.

Kabras Sugar topped the league followed by defending champions Kenya Commercial Bank to claim the automatic slots in the semi-finals. Homeboyz were to play Menengai Oilers with the winner meeting KCB, while Impala Saracens were up against Mwamba with the winner getting to take on Kabras Sugar.

Pool “A” will have Kabras Sugar, Impala Saracens, Mwamba, Blak Blad, Kenya Harlequin and a team that will be promoted from KRU Championship. 

KCB highlight Pool “B” that has Homeboyz, Menengai Oilers, Nakuru, Nondescripts and a team that will have earned promotion from KRU Championship.

After the pool matches, teams will then meet those from alternative pools before a ranking is done to pave way for the semi-finals. Unlike the previous seasons, there will be no playoffs.

The top placed team will meet the team that will have finished fourth with the second and third placed team meeting all in the semi-finals on May 22. The Kenya Cup final will be staged on May 29.


February 6
Kenya Cup Qualifier
Q1 Mean Machine v Egerton Wasps
Q2 USIU Martials v Northern Suburbs
February 13
Strathmore Leos v Winner Q1
MMUST v Winner Q2
February 20
League Curtain Raiser
KCB v Kabras Sugar
February 27
Kabras Sugar v Promoted Team B
KCB v Promoted Team A
Homeboyz v Nondescript
Impala Saracens v Kenya Harlequin
Mwamba v Blak Blad
Menengai Oilers v Nakuru
March 6
Menengai Oilers v Promoted Team B
Nakuru v Mwamba
Blak Blad v Impala Saracens
Kenya Harlequin v Homeboyz
Nondescript v KCB
Promoted Team A v Kabras Sugar
March 13
Promoted Team B v Promoted Team A
Kabras Sugar v Nondescript
KCB v Kenya Harlequin
Homeboyz v Blak Blad
Impala Saracens v Nakuru
Mwamba v Menengai Oilers
March 20
Mwamba v Promoted Team B
Menen gai Oilers v Impala Saracens
Nakuru v Homeboyz
Blak Blad v KCB
Kenya Harlequin v Kabras Sugar
Nondescript v Promoted Team A
March 27
Promoted Team B v Nondescript
Promoted Team A v Kenya Harlequin
Kabras Sugar v Blak Blad
KCB v Nakuru
Homeboyz v Menengai Oilers
Impala Saracens v Mwamba
April 3 
Impala Saracens v Promoted Team B
Mwamba v Homeboyz
Menengai Oilers v KCB
Nakuru v Kabras Sugar
Blak Blad v Promoted Team A
Kenya Harlequin v Nondescript
April 10
Promoted Team A v Kenya Harlequin
Nondescript v Blak Blad
Promoted Team A v Nakuru
Kabras Sugar v Menengai Oilers
KCB v Mwamba
Homeboyz v Impala Saracens
April 17
Homeboyz v Promoted Team B
Impala Saracens v KCB
Mwamba v Kabras Sugar
Menengai Oilers v Promoted Team A
Nakuru v Nondescript
Blak Blad v Kenya Harlequin
April 24
Promoted Team B v Blak Blad
Kenya Harlequin v Nakuru
Nondescript v Menengai Oilers
Promoted Team A v Mwamba
Kabras Sugar v Impala Saracens
KCB v Homeboyz
May 1
KCB v Promoted Team B
Homeboyz v Kabras Sugar
Impala Saracens v Promoted Team A
Mwamba v Nondescript
Menengai Oilers v Kenya Harlequin
Nakuru v Blak Blad
May 8
Promoted Team B v Nakuru
Blak Blad v Menengai Oilers
Kenya Harlequin v Mwamba
Nondescript v Impala Saracens
Promoted Team A v Homeboyz
Kabras Sugar v KCB
May 22
Semi Finals
Rank 1 v Rank 4
Rank 2 v Rank 3
May 29
Kenya Cup Final


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