In a bizarre incident, a Harare man has been charged for simulating sexual intercourse with the dead body of a woman he had been crushing on before her death.

According to a police memo, a drunk man identified as Bigman visited the woman’s Epworth home accompanied by a friend, upon hearing about the death of Melisa Mazhindu.

He was courteous enough to greet the woman’s mourning mother and others who had come to commiserate with the latter.

But he was soon to show his true colours when he insisted on having “sex” with the woman he craved for in order “to satisfy my desires”.

He was stopped by other mourners when he slept over the body simulating a sex act.

“Phillipa Mazhindu cautioned Bigman against that but he stood up and went to uncover the corpse which was lying in the room covered with a white cloth, slept on its top and made up and down movements of copulation on the corpse but with his clothes put on whilst the other accused was blocking Phillipa Mazhindu and the other two women from interfering with the activity,” read part of the police memo.

“Phillipa Mazhindu had to scream whilst calling people who were outside who then came and removed the accused from the corpse and pushed the two outside.”


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