A 27-year-old hawker has pleaded guilty to stealing customers’ luggage at Naivas and Quickmart supermarkets in the Nairobi city centre.

Kennedy Otieno, who was arrested on Monday, April 5, in possession of Naivas and Quickmart supermarkets luggage cards, black mark pens and assorted papers in a green carrier bag, was charged with one count of preparing to commit a felony.

He was arraigned before Nairobi Chief Magistrate Martha Mutuku on Tuesday, April 6, where he admitted to being found with cards for Naivas Supermarkets branches at Development House and Ronald Ngala, and cards belonging to Quickmart Supermarket.

The suspect identified as Kennedy Otieno

Speaking to media, Otieno admitted to having been stealing luggage for a long time.

“When I am lucky, I get money amounting to Sh1,000 or food like chapati,” he said.

According to the police report, Otieno was at Quickmart Supermarket on Moi Avenue readying himself to steal from customers who leave their luggage outside just before going inside to shop.

As he was heading to the luggage station armed with his supermarket cards, some members of the public thought he looked suspicious and pounced on him.

He managed to escape from the mob but surrendered himself to police officers who were manning a nearby building.

The officers escorted him to the Nairobi Central Police Station where he also admitted to being a thief, revealing that he created supermarket luggage cards that he presented to get customers’ luggage.

The hawker said he devised the strategy since selling goods on the streets was not working out for him.

His case will be mentioned in two weeks’ time.


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