A 36-year-old woman weighing 240 kilograms has appealed for help to cut her weight.

The lady from Murang’a County sent her appeal through Inooro TV reporter Victor Kinuthia, who did not disclose her identity. 

“…meet 36-year-old lady from Murang’a County weighing 240KG who’s pleading for anyone who can assist her or link with any organization or individual to walk her in the journey towards losing weight,” Kinuthia wrote on his Facebook page.

He added: “I know some of you will critic, mock her and while others find it funny, but I know some will accord her the help she needs.”

A 2017 nutrition report by the World Health Organization (WHO) ranked Kenyan women among the most overweight in Africa. 

Out of the 36 African countries sampled, Kenyan women ranked ninth. Swaziland ranked first followed by Lesotho, Gabon, Ghana, Mauritania, Comoros, Zimbabwe, and Sao Tome.

The least obese women are from Ethiopia, Madagascar, and Burundi, according to the report.

“Obesity is a risk factor for non-communicable diseases and is included among the nine voluntary targets for 2025 in the Global NCD Action Plan,” the report stated.

“Overweight or obesity in mothers increases the risk in their offspring of high birth weight and subsequent childhood overweight.” 

The average overweight rate among Kenyan women is 33 percent, attributed to poor nutrition, according to Kenya’s Health Ministry. Women in Nairobi and Kirinyaga counties are the most overweight in Kenya.


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