Mystery surrounds the killing of three people at a house in Government Quarters located along Jogoo road in Nairobi, with more questions than answers arising.

The bodies of the three, a man, woman and her 8-year-old son were found decomposing, with police now seeking to establish who killed them, why and when.

According to police, the woman who was identified as Charity Cherop is an employee of Registrar of Societies and was based in Mathare Huduma Centre.

A police report from Buruburu police station said, “A woman, her child and boyfriend were murdered at Jogoo Road Government Quarters, opposite Shell petrol station/St. Stephens ACK Church. The woman was working at the Registrar of Persons office, Mathare.”

The 34-year-old woman was found lying dead in her bedroom with blood oozing from her mouth, while she was holding a rosary on her left hand.

Her 8-year-old son, a grade 2 pupil, was also found holding a rosary, on his right hand.

“Some blood had oozed from his mouth,” a senior detective, who visited the scene said.

Neighbours however said they saw the man on Monday when he sent for charcoal.

The bodies were discovered after the child’s school administration called his father – who does not live with him – to find out why he had missed school on Monday.

The father, on failing to reach the his son’s mother on phone, went to the house but no one opened.

The body of the woman and her son had decomposed, while that of the man hadn’t.

The living room was found in disarray showing a possible struggle before the murders.

Police suspect the three were killed some two days ago going with the physical injuries.

The mother and son were last seen on Sunday; residents of the estate and police said.

The man’s body, police said, is of a friend to the family and was found inside the toilet. His hands and legs had been tied.

The matter was reported at Jogoo Police Station on Tuesday afternoon, by the house administrator.

The man was third year student at Karen Baptist Theological Seminary.


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