Sauti Sol, Sol Generation in partnership with Eugene Mbugua have today unveiled season 2 of Sol Family reality show in an event that was held at Social House Nairobi.

Sol Family will air every Monday starting on Monday March 15 2021 exclusively on Showmax.

Season 2 episode 1 kicks off a new chapter for the whole Sol Family as Sauti Sol prepares to welcome a new member of the family, Bensoul faces tragedy at his first performance in a pandemic and Nviiri is in search of a new musical identity. What do these new chapters mean for each of them?

How does the new artist manager handle the chaos of Bensoul’s trip to Kisii and who is this new Nviiri?

Talking about this new season which is going to take a deeper look at the couples’ lives, Amanda had this to say: “I love it (Sol Family) because I get to work with my family.

We don’t get to do that as often so it’s a pleasure to be able to do that. And to bring their (Sauti Sol) audience into a small part of our lives, where they get to see their side of just being human, and not just the people who entertain them.”

On her part, Yvonne Endo said they are still planning to keep it real and genuine for season 2. “We’re planning to still be true to ourselves in front of cameras but also getting to learn more from people around me. It’s been an experience for me, and I’ve been enjoying it so far.”

The new season will definitely be bringing more drama but according to Chiki, fans shouldn’t expect any controversial drama or fallouts. “We will give you drama but it won’t be ‘don’t talk to me’ kind of drama. We don’t fall out that often, we’re genuinely close and we respect one another. We get together on a regular basis. I think when you really put yourself out there, you welcome people to have an opinion. I was really skeptical about that but Eugene has been really amazing in allowing us to just show African love. For all of us, that was really important – brotherhood, romantic love, love for music, love for one another, love for Kenyans.”

For Producer Eugene Mbugua, Season 2 is exciting because everyone is a bit used to the camera now. “They know how to express themselves more now. You’ve seen the personas come out strongly. Season 2 has more of that.”


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