It came as a shocker a few weeks ago when Pauline Njoroge’s appointment to the Tourism authority was revoked after her Facebook posts resurfaced.

However, personal branding coach Hannah Githuki explains that this is the new normal.

In her new book, Flaunt Your Genuis, she warns her readers against the dangers of taking their brands lightly. Hannah is a branding coach and founder of Insideout Development, a corporate training and consultancy firm in Kenya.

“Your brand is your presence in your absence, it’s your first and last line defense a reputation that goes before you and it will either make or break you,” she says.  

Hannah Githuki’s new book Flaunt Your Genuis which will be launched on Friday.

Her book breaks down key essentials of a brand and gives eight practical steps to building a money making identity.

Flaunt Your Genius is designed more as a work book than a fluffy self-help book and pushes readers to take definitive action.

It is set to be officially launched on Friday at an exclusive invite only event, however advanced copies are available in selected book stores in Kenya, on amazon and also online.


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