Showbiz Players Reveal.

As accusations of Covid-fund mismanagement gain credence many continue to feel that Corona has become more of a business losing faith in the governments sincerity in fighting the pandemic.

Speaking exclusively to Naihaps Joseph Mwenda popular known as Dj Joe Mfalme said, “It’s painful to watch stories of people becoming Covid-millionaires while Dj’s out here are selling their equipment to survive,” Dj Joe Mfalme said. “ For me I am getting gigs in Tz and my media jobs are giving me cash, but the small Dj’s are suffering.”

Joseph Mwenda popular known as Dj Joe Mfalme

Players continue to call on the government to set up health measures that will allow for the safe re-opening of clubs. Hip hop icon Khaligraph Jones made a passionate plea to both the President and the opposition leader to open clubs and bars to allow young people survive pandemic.

@ukenyatta Kindly on behalf of the Creative Industry of Kenya we are Requesting that you allow us to get back to work, allow for the reopening of Clubs and Restaurants,” Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones wrote on his Instagram. “Measures and precautions shall be taken to ensure Covid-19 doesn’t further spread, The youth are suffering from Depression in Silence.

Waiters, Dj, Alcohol suppliers and entertainers are the biggest losers in this whole tussle. Many have had to look for employment in other countries many favoring Tanzania where the entertainment scene is still functioning. Local funny man, Eric Omondi has already announced a show in Tanzania on the 28th of August with many following suit.

“My club closed long before the official shut down so we have no problem following the rules, “A club owner who didn’t want to be mentioned said. When they re-opened we followed every single guideline and bought stock based on the reduced numbers.

However when the last shut down came without warning we lost more than Sh2 million in stock in a single day. “I wish they would have given us a day or two to clear stock. “

Entertainment players are waiting with baited breath ,with the president set to speak on Wednesday, that their plight will be considered.


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