Jowie Irungu has caught many by surprise after revealing that she has a wife and a child.

Speaking in an interview with Jalang’o, Jowie, the prime suspect in the murder of Monica Kimani said he was using his wife phone because he didn’t have one.

Two years ago, Joseph Irungu commonly known as Jowie went ahead and proposed to former Citizen TV news anchor Jackie Maribe.

Later in the year, 2018, the couple was arraigned in court, following the death of Monica Kimani who was a businesswoman, the death which occurred in her Lamuria Gardens apartments.

This is what brought their relationship with Maribe into a stand still.

Speaking to Jalang’o on “Bonga na Jalas YouTube” channel, Jowie claimed that they broke up while he was still in custody.

“I decided not to (keep in touch) as in ile tuu we broke up while i was still inside, we talked and let this go. We check up on each other once in a blue moon,” a jovial Jowie told Jalas.

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~The bravest thing she ever did was to stay alive each day~

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Maribe would be released on a Sh1 million cash bail or an alternative of Sh2 million bond, Jowie on the other hand spent 16 months in prison.

He was only released 6 months ago on a Sh2 million cash bail that took his family and friends a while to raise.

Now out and about, Jowie is not only dropping massive hits, he is also seeing someone else.

From his first ever interview since he was released, this writer learnt that he is dating a lady only identified as Eleanor Musangi Ndamo alias Ella.

He referred to her as his personal manager, but let the cat out of the bag when he referred to her as the wife.

Ella is a mother of one and might be a commercial model.

Her daughter is the little girl in Jowie’s new hit Nishikilie which has been reciving massive air play hours since its release.


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