Infinix is set to launch the Infinix Zero 8 soon, which is the latest product of its flagships smartphone series Zero. It is also rumored that Zero 8 will become the flagship product of the Infinix brand for 2020.

With its distinctive products, Infinix has achieved amazing results in the international smartphone market. All of its products come with powerful processors,large RAMs and flash memories as well as exceptional displays. Its locally optimized cameras also stand out in terms of their photo-taking capability. Meanwhile Infinix smartphones are also extremely competitive in general.

Currently available information shows that Zero 8 adopts a 48-megapixel front camera, which has the highest resolution in the world, and a 64-megapixel rear camera, which is the Sony IMX686 image sensor, taking the photographic performance to a new level.

It’s worth noting that Zero 8 has an extremely futuristic appearance, which naturally blends into the diagonal design with assorted colors in the back. And the color gradients are also very impressive. This technique is often seen on flagship products of leading smartphone brands in recent years, which has reaffirmed our judgment of Zero 8’s positioning as a flagship product.

On the front side, Zero 8 also adopts a design of a bezel-less screen + dual punch-hole cameras,which are only available on high-end products of leading brands, to create more possibilities for taking selfies, and to ensure the best display quality.

Its appearance shows that Zero 8 is a pure-blooded flagship product with an impressive design language totally different from that of the previous products. Therefore, it makes sense to guess that the exterior design of Zero 8 is very likely from a famous international designer.

There isn’t information about the detailed specifications of Zero 8 yet. We reckon that Zero 8 may adopt a CPU of a higher end to get a bigger computing power, so as to provide a faster speeds

If Zero 8 adopts a more powerful CPU, there’s no doubt that its GPU will be more powerful too, to meet the rigorous requirements of major 3D mobile games for graphics processing. It’s possible that Zero 8 has made significant improvements in terms of RAM and flash memory as well as screen resolution and fast charging technology.   


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